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Join the Tradition

Morris Dancing is one of England's ancient traditions.

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Chalice Morris Men at a local Beer Festival

Based in northern Somerset, Chalice Morris Men have been enjoying good beer, great dancing, and the finest company since 1972.
Our side has been growing strongly. With both young and older dancers joining us, we have a great future as one of Somerset's leading morris sides.
We also have a great team of traditional musicians who play for our dances, and are always looking out for more.
Explore our website to learn more about the Chalice Morris Men. Or join us and learn how to Morris Dance!

Meet the Side

Chalice Members never leave - they simply move home!


Squire of the Side

Once the Squire is elected, his word is law. Our current Squire is Harlan Chapman-Green. He joined as a younger member, and grew through the ranks!


Bagman of the Side

A bit like the Chief Whip, the Bagman is responsible for keeping the bookings diary, administration and general discipline. Our Bagman is Chris Singleton.

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Dance Foreman

The person responsible for teaching the dances and keeping the tradition. Derek Bond has done it with great gusto and humour for a very long time.


Master of Music

Not just about the notes, but keeping the pace and rythmn of the dances as well.  Dr. Dick Shilton is our chief box squeezer and herder of cats.

Contact Us

For bookings, enquiries, invitations, and anything else!

Contact is through our Bagman


Chris Singleton Esq.


Mobile / WhatsApp: 07584 319 077