Our History

ajHistory of the side 

The side was formed in Highbridge, Somerset in 1972 and was accepted into the Morris Ring as a member club in 1980.

We take our name from the Chalice Well at Glastonbury, the cover of which is depicted on our baldrics,

We dance, in the main, the Cotswold form of Morris, but also some Border Morris.

We wear for Cotswold the traditional kit of white shirt and trousers with black shoes and red and blue baldrics, a form of medieval decoration.

We display our team emblem on the back of our baldrics and each dancer has a personal symbol on the front.

Younger Members

sideJuly1 2012cropChalice Morris have a growing number of younger members who want to learn the tradition.

Some of our younger members from previous years have become our best and most enthusiastic dancers, and one has become our Squire.

Whilst being a male only side, Chalice is very much a family tradition, with the whole family joining us when we dance out.

If you are interested in joining us, why not come along to one of our practices, or just turn up at one of our dances.

You will be made very welcome.

About the Tradition

btsmallChalice Morris needs you!

Morris Dancing has been a recorded part of English life for at least six hundred years, but ritual dance probably dates back to the Iron Age or even earlier.  Contrary to popular belief, it isn't a Pagan ritual, it's entertainment!

Recent historical studies place the earliest Morris records in the time of Henry VII (1500), part of the Court masques and entertainment.

From the Court it seems to have spread into popular entertainment, first in large houses, then to village celebrations, where it became associated with Church Ales and other seasonal festivities.

By joining the Chalice Morris Men, you will be helping to keep this ancient English Tradition alive. Learning the dances, being part of a team, visiting the pubs and villages of Somerset, and above all being part of an English Country Tradition, is great fun!