Dr Dick Shilton is our chief box squeezer and pace-setter. Those little tacits and runs make all the difference!

Ably assisted by Rob Blackberrow and Keith Fiddock, with occasional guests, the apres-ski performances in the pub are just as important as the dance music!

We always welcome new musicians. If you can bang, stroke, squeeze, tap or blow something in time and in tune, and would like to join us, come along to learn the traditional dance tunes. You will be most welcome.

Musicans are generally a law unto themselves, and their kit reflects this honourable tradition..

dancesOur Dances

Chalice is a revival side, and draws on dances from a number of morris traditions. Here is our core set of dances:

Adderbury Bucknell
Constant Billy Willow tree
Lads a Bunchum Queens Delight
Beaux of London City Old Black Joe
Bluebells Saturday Night
Postmans Knock Room for the cuckolds
Shepards Hey  
Buffoon Fieldtown
  Country Gardens
Bampton Banks of the Dee
Highland Mary The Rose
Banbury Bill [Rose Tree] Trunkles
Shepards Hey Dearist Dicky
Bonney Green Balance the Straw
  Young Collins
  Rambling sailor
Eynsham Valentines
Brighton Camp  
Bledington Bean Setting
Young Collins Constant Billy
William and Nancy Rigs o' Marlow
Cuckoos Nest Laudnum Bunches
Trunkles Hunt the Squirrel
Black Joker Getting Upstairs
Lichfield Jockey to the Fair
Vandels Of Hammerwich Bean Setters
Ring of Bells  
Upton on Severn Brighton Camp
Stick Dance  
Longbrough Monks March
Swaggering Boney