bondyIn any organisation, there are a few people without whom it would be difficult to operate. Chalice is no different. One of our key members is Derek Bond, or 'Bondy' as some like to call him.

Derek is our Foreman, the person responsible for the standard of our dancing, and for training us all in the tradition. Not an easy task!

Size matters, as far as Derek is concerned. Larger than life, and twice as much fun, when he's not dancing, he's often found regaling the bar with songs that grow ever more colourful in direct proportion to the amount of ale on offer!

His signature: 'Doing the job of four men'!

What it involves

involvedAt its most basic, it involves being a member of a team, learning and having fun together.

Turning up for practices, dancing out on Thursdays in the Summer when you can, and taking part in festivals and events if you are able.

But there's a much larger Morris family in the UK, and with regional and national 'Morris Ring Meetings', and even international visits, you can make of it what you will.

It's up to you.

How to find us

mapFrom May to September, we dance out every Thursday evening, and very often at special festivals and events. You will find details on the home page.

During the winter months, we practice every Thursday night at Brent Knoll Parish Hall, from 8.00pm to 10.00pm.

After practice, you will usually find us at the Dunston House Hotel, improving our fitness with a pint or two.

What you need

musicplayJust a willingness to learn, really!

Morris Dancing builds team work, fitness, a sense of tradition, and very often a love of good beer!

It isn't easy to learn the various dances, particularly as Chalice is a revival side that incorporates dances from many different traditions.

But with time, patience, and commitment to regular practice during the winter months most people learn the dances.

You provide white shirt, white trousers and black shoes. We will provide the rest of your kit.